The Risk

“the heart says ‘I want it’, but logic says ‘you cannot have it’. eventually logic gives in, and imagination takes over.”

long ago, in a land far, far away
where people lived happily each and every day
there was a young boy, who walked on a street
homeless he was and had nothing to eat

the boy had no parents, no pet nor a friend
so he wandered here and there, every now and then
he looked for a job or a loaf of bread
and searched for a shelter with a comfy bed

people around would not help him much
they would close the doors, be rude and do as such
that saddened a boy greatly to walk around the city
and find no one to understand him nor feel for him pity

one night, he found himself near an old house
the place was big, but empty – not even a single mouse
it was very dark, cold and no one was around
the boy was tired so he entered without making a sound

he walked the hallways staring into the deep
for he was hoping to find some place to sleep
little he knew he would not dream that night
when suddenly, before him, shimmered bright light

the boy got frightened, he trembled in fear
‘what was that flash? what’s going on here?’

he asked out loud paralyzed in place
and shrieked as soon as he saw a girl’s face

the girl was a ghost and a young one too
she just smiled at him quietly, not even said ‘boo’
the boy stopped screaming, still frightened to death
he noticed her joy, then calmed his breath

‘am i dreaming?’ he whispered ‘is it really true?’

‘is this ghost as real as me or the morning dew?’

the boy raised his hand to greet the lost soul
the girl did the same and they began to stroll

and so it was, that, the boy found his mate
an unusual one, that is true, but this friend was great
they loved each other with feelings being real
and the wounds that the people caused began to heal

they met everytime the moon walked the skies
spending these hours by staring into each other’s eyes
it could last forever, so it would seem
but the reality was different than in the boy’s dream

shortly after, the couple’s joy began to fade
’cause the boy realized – the girl was only a shade

as the time passed, she started to feel his grief
but could not do anything to bring him relief

the boy wanted more, he wished to hear her voice
‘i would do anything!’ he sworn, so he made a choice

he went to the library and found a magick tome
that filled him with hope, then ran to the ghost’s home

a few candles were lit, a circle of light
the boy promised the girl: ‘it will be alright’
she wasn’t so sure, she had her doubts
what is dead will not walk the living’s routes

the boy focused and began casting the spell
‘i call upon the all-powerful forces of hell!’

he raised his hand, cut finger with a knife
‘let this wretched soul come back to life!’

devil heard the call, thunder struck near
light became red, the couple cuddled in fear
the darkness approached and the boy was pushed away
shadow consumed the girl, she became its prey

the ghost was half-visible, began to disappear
they both looked at each other, they both shed a tear
he gave her a hug, ‘i’m sorry…’ he cried
the girl did nothing, she vanished… she died…

and so it was, that, the boy lost his mate
as he risked their happiness for a better fate
his love vanished in a land far, far away
and the loneliness did not leave him till this very day